Top 6 Trim Styles That Make Your Room Pop

Once you have decided on a beautifully hand-finished floor, putting thought into your choice of trim work is the key to giving your room a stylish, polished look. The right trim unites the floor, walls, window and door frames, and fixtures into a coherent whole. And there are countless options for each type of trim, from clean lines for a modern room to more decorative styles perfect for Victorian-style homes and more traditional settings. As you flip through catalogues and website pages of trim, think about the period and style of the architecture, the color and texture of each element of the room, as well as the type of atmosphere and furnishings you want for the space.     Here are six common types of trim you may consider:  Crown Molding: Traditionally found in a more decorative setting, this popular trim between the wall and ceiling has evolved, with more streamlined designs available for modern rooms, as well as more ornate styles. Crown moldings are great to consider when you have showcase fixtures such as chandeliers, as they draw the eye toward the ceiling.         Baseboards: The baseboard is the most common type of trim, and for good reason. They cover the uneven joint between the wall and the floor and protect the wall from wayward feet, furniture, etc. Whatever style you choose, consider a quarter round or a shoe molding added to the bottom to make the baseboard thicker and help cover any expansion or contraction of the floor.         Chair Rails: Also known as dado rails (in architecture, the dado is the lower part of a wall), chair rails are a type of molding fixed horizontally to the wall around the perimeter of the room. The purpose originally was both aesthetic and functional, as the paneling below [...]