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Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Hardwood floor refinishing is one of the best home improvements you can make. If your hardwood floors are just scuffed and lightly scratched the surface can be buffed out and a coat of the original type of finish applied.

If a floor has deep scratches, warped boards or other serious damage then refinishing will typically be the best solution.  Although it can be expensive it is still less expensive than completely replacing your hardwood floors.

Highland hardwood will take your hardwood floors down to bare wood over three or more passes with increasingly fine sandpaper on the sander. Once all the scratches and damage is removed the floors they floors will be vacuumed and wiped clean. After sanding and cleaning, we will apply a stain color of your choice and coat the floors with the highest quality polyurethane available. Our experts will help you review the pros and cons of the many stains and finish options out there to make sure you make the right choice for your lifestyle.


What is the difference between oil-based and water-based polyurethane?2019-07-30T15:02:14+00:00


What is the difference between water-based and oil-based polyurethane? Both oil and water-based polyurethanes are like a coat of armor for the hardwood floor below, protecting the wood from damage. Each type of polyurethane is a sacrificial layer that will show scratches and wear marks over time, and both oil and water-based polyurethane have their strengths! DURABILITY: If each product is applied properly using quality products, the difference in durability is indiscernible. A lot of clients think that water-based poly is not as durable as an oil-based poly, but a newer brand, quality water-based poly will last just as long if it is well taken care of!

COLOR: Oil-based poly has an amber hue, whereas water-based poly is clear. An oil-based polyurethane will continue to amber and darken over time, while water-based poly will remain clear for the lifetime of the hardwood floor. This color difference is less noticeable over a stained hardwood floor, but an oil-based poly will still exhibit an amber hue that will continue to darken over time.

DRYING TIMES: Oil-based poly takes much longer to dry and cure, and only one coat of oil-based poly can be applied to a hardwood floor in 24 hours. Water-based poly dries much faster, and several coats (up to 4) can be applied in one day. Water-based poly can be walked on with socks in about 4-6 hours after last coat has been applied, while oil-based poly must dry for at least 24 hours before walking on it with socks.

SMELL: Oil-based poly has a very pungent smell and emits a strong chemical odor and noxious fumes while drying that should not be inhaled. We normally advise our clients to be out of the house and also to remove their pets while oil-based poly is being applied and drying. Water-based poly, on the other hand, has almost no smell.

Water-based polyurethane will not stink up the house like an oil-based poly. It is safe for people and pets to occupy a house while undergoing coatings of water-based poly.

THICKNESS AND HARDNESS: Oil-based poly is a thicker poly, but it is also softer. Water-based poly, an acrylic product, is a thinner, but harder coating. Oil poly can be more susceptible to dents, while water-based poly can be more susceptible to surface scratching. Because water-based is a thinner product, we recommend 3 coats of water-based poly as a minimum, whereas with oil 2 coats are sufficient as a minimum. For people with large pets, we recommend either 3 coats of an oil-based poly or 3 coats of Bona Traffic High Durability water-based poly.

COST: Water-based poly is a more expensive product. If your flooring contractor is not charging you more for a water-based polyurethane, they are using a cheap brand that will not last!

When is it safe to move furniture back in after refinishing hardwood floors?2019-07-30T15:12:10+00:00

Depending on humidity conditions, you can usually move your furniture back in the next day, but area rugs will need to wait at least one week.

How bad will the smell and fumes be?2017-10-02T17:40:53+00:00

The staining process, if you are having the floors stained after sanding will produce a slight smell but it is no worse than the smell of paint fumes.

How does dustless sanding work?2017-10-02T17:39:34+00:00

Dustless sanding uses a process with suction that provides a healthy, clean, efficient and revolutionary alternative for home and property owners.Our dustless system will reduce or even eliminate the task of cleaning up enormous amounts of dust. Traditional hardwood floor sanding produces enormous amounts of airborne dust, which is difficult to clean up and can be toxic, depending on the species of wood. This dust can linger in your air ducts, on walls and the ceiling, long after the sanding process has taken place, compromising the air quality of your home.

What do I need to do before my floors are refinished?2017-10-02T17:36:11+00:00

All furniture, carpeting, drapes, wall hangings, and kick-knacks should be removed. All nails or staples from carpet removal, must be pulled from the floor. Flooring machines create noise and vibration that could cause small items to fall. It is also best to keep pets away from the house during the refinishing process particularly if they do not like a lot of noise and could potential get in the way of the sand machines.

Are all floor finishes the same?2017-10-02T17:33:22+00:00

No. Just like most other products, there is a great deal of difference between finishes. There are several that produce good results and our experts will walk you through the best options available for your specific needs.

What is the process for refinishing floors?2017-10-02T17:31:06+00:00

The floor is sanded down with coarse sand paper on the sander until there is a new floor level or the old finish is removed. After sanding the area is filled to eliminate cracks and nail holes and then sanded several more times with finer sand paper. After the sanding process the stain and finishing process will take place and our experts will help guide you in picking out the best options for this.

How long does it take to make my floor look new again?2017-10-02T17:26:40+00:00

It all depends on the size / area you are having refinished. It could take one day all the way up to a week. We will be able to better assess the timeframe when we meet with you.

Do I need to leave the house while the floors are being refinished?2017-10-02T17:11:30+00:00

It is not necessary for most people to leave their homes while the floors are being refinished although the sanding process can be noisy. You will not notice dust.  We are happy to work around your schedule and can sand one room at a time if needed.

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